Simpl Challenges are events with a goal.

They bring together organisations and innovators to make ideas happen.

Submitting an idea


Each Simpl challenge is based around a question, typically related to a social issue.

The best ideas are taken to a challenge event where ideas owners collaborate with others to start making them happen.


People like you then submit ideas to the challenge question.

People running challenges often award prizes to teams with winning ideas - this can be money, resource based support, or a mix of the two.

Get started

Running a challenge


Simpl Challenges are usually posted by local councils, but any social minded organisation can use Simpl Challenges.

Plan a challenge event where you will invite the people with the best ideas to come together and collaborate with other people to make the ideas happen. 

Think about a social problem that you would like some help solving and pose it as a question for people to respond to with ideas.

Get in touch with us. We will set you up ready to create your first challenge. You can also talk to us about FutureGov running your event for you. 

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How FutureGov can run your challenge


FutureGov is experienced in running successful challenge events for organisations including local councils, charities and Google.

We can also create packages tailored to your needs, including pre-event ideas generation workshops and post-event incubation support for the winning teams. 

We can design and run your challenge from promotion through to attracting participants, organising the venue and securing sponsorship.

Get in touch with us for more information about how FutureGov could run your Simpl Challenges event.

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