We need more school crossing supervisors

How can we increase the number of school crossing supervisors in our area?

City of Boroondara


Boroondara is the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Compared to other metropolitan municipalities, we have one of the highest numbers of schools, both primary and secondary, and the roads around these schools experience high traffic volumes at peak times which can have implications for pedestrian safety.

Council's commitment to safety means we will provide crossing supervisors even if VicRoads has installed pedestrian lights. Despite annual Vicroads subsidies, our challenge is attracting enough school crossing supervisors to provide this service to the community. Currently, supervisors are on an annual salary for 1.5 - 2 hours work per day. We require them to have, at Council expense, a Police Check, Working with Children check and medical check.

For most schools there is at least one school crossing; and in some instances two or three. These school crossings are a critical safety feature for all pedestrians around schools. Our crossing supervisors perform a valuable role in ensuring children's safety going to and from school.

We need the community's help to find a solution and attract enough school crossing supervisors to supervise all school crossings that require a supervisor.