Track My Bus

An app that allows you to easily track buses to make sure you're not late.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Jack Richardson
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How can we make it easier for people to help each other?

My idea is an app for Smartphone’s where you put the number bus you are getting and it goes to a GPS where you can track its travel to see if its going to be late and what stops it stops at and the timetables at stops that update from the buses. It would help commuters, school children, OAP’s and the general public. A GPS tracker inside the bus and a time updater would be used to track where the bus is on a map. By using the app to track the location of a specific bus, you can tell if you’re going to miss the bus or not. You can type in the number of the bus in the “Tracking Bus” section and it will come up with a GPS. There would be a favourite bus section where your favourite buses can be automatically tracked.