Underage Drinking Tracker

An app that tracks a parents children to tell if they are out drinking.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Joe O'Hanrahan
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An app that places a GPS tracker on the teenagers phone so parents can track where they are if they says they are in other places. The aim is to prevent underage drinking in local communities. If a parent finds out their child is drinking they can alert the police to the specific area using GPS. It would help the local community and the neighbourhood the teenagers are living in. It will make the neighbourhood safer for children, giving peace of mind to the parents. You could create a tracking device (GPS tracker) so parents can check if their children are on the streets when they say they are elsewhere. The parents would download this app onto their Smartphone’s so they can keep an eye on their children. They would maybe tell their children about the app so it would prevent the teenagers from doing it again.

  • Noel Hatch
    25 Sep at 07:43

    Very helpful idea, wonder what teenagers think of this!

  • Joe O'Hanrahan
    25 Sep at 12:41

    Most teenagers would probably still drink but what they have got to think about is the damage that they could be doing to their body like their liver for example if they ignore the app and carry on drinking their liver could fail and they could die as a result. I think this app could save lots of teenagers' lives

  • Synchronised _
    01 Oct at 08:25

    Great idea however very impractical and near on impossible. GPS systems only allow for location data to be tracked and nothing else. There is absolutely no way for the parent to tell if the child is drinking or is just hanging around with friends.

    How do you plan on telling the difference based purely on GPS data?

  • Noel Hatch
    05 Nov at 16:12

    Be great to see you at our event on 23rd November at http://transformedbyou.eventbrite.co.uk. Am sure there are lots of people who'd like to come help you develop your idea further!