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How can we make it easier for people to help each other?

Kent Connects


Have a look at the challenges. You can submit an idea to one of the challenges or to all of them. For each of them, just tell us:

What’s your idea? Who would it help? How would people use it?

We will be reviewing how well your idea meets the challenge you enter, how well it would help the target audience you've identified for your idea and how effectively you've described how people would use the solution you recommend.


How could your idea help people help each other?

There are many opportunities to make it easier for people to help each other, whether it’s to stay connected with loved ones or cook tasty meals a good cause.

Submit your idea/s on how it could encourage you or your friends & family to take a step forward and get involved in your neighbourhood.

How could your idea help people keep fit and stay healthy?

With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don’t move about as much, or eat as well as we used to. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are many ways to make it easier to help people keep fit and stay healthy, from monitoring your blood pressure to tracking how well you take care of your teeth and helping you discover your neighbourhood by jogging with others.

Have a go! Submit your idea/s on how it could encourage you or your friends & family to keep fit and stay healthy.

How could your idea get people involved in arts, reading or culture?

Whether it’s going to see a musical or learning how to paint, everyone can enjoy arts and culture. It is becoming easier and easier for people to create content and to help people come together.

Get creative! Submit your idea/s on how it could encourage you or your friends & family to get involved in arts or cultural activities

How do I come up with an idea?

You might have seen something that meets one of the above challenges in a really creative way. You might have used it online or seen it in your neighbourhood.

You might have already come up with an idea or started developing a project or prototype...or you might be inspired to come up with an idea for this competition. What we're looking for is how it would meet one of the challenges above.

If you’re stuck, you can check out this website works. If you can't think of an idea, check out our presentation from last year’s competition on how to come up with an idea. Why not do it with family or a friend!

Why should I take part?

By developing an idea with others, you could learn skills in how to design solutions to tackle real life challenges. But most importantly, you could see it become reality as we’re getting people who are specialists in technology who will pick the ideas put forward and develop them further.

We are offering a prize pot of £9000 as well as in-kind support to develop your idea by Microsoft and to help take forward your prototype by University of Kent IT Clinic.

The whole event will be interactive and fluid but to help move things along an informal schedule will be provided soon!

What if I want to develop the prototypes?

We’ll be launching the Prototyping phase of our competition on 18 October where you’ll be able to put forward prototypes to the top ideas from the public on the above challenges. You can then take part in our prototyping day on 23 November, which will celebrate innovation across Kent as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

What if my idea is not selected for development?

Don’t worry! Your efforts will not be wasted. People who submit ideas that are not selected to go forward to the next stage of the competition can continue to work on them on the Simpl website.

What do we mean by prototype?

We are looking for something that can demonstrate how the idea would work, how it would meet the need of the users, how it would look like and what you would do with the winning prize to take the idea forward.

This can be a software, storyboards, designs or art.

To get an idea of prototypes developed at our previous competition, see slide five of our presentation. Or you can check out those developed at similar competitions in Camden.

We encourage you to start putting forward on this site how you will develop your prototype and how it answers the questions above. Do list what help you'd like to help develop the prototype (i.e. web design, user experience, user testing) at our innovation day on 23 November so that other people who may have those skills can work with you on the day! Do show links to any visuals (i.e. sketches, wireframes, presentations, code, etc) that can give people an idea of what the prototype would look like.

Who’s eligible?

This competition is open to any UK resident. You may participate individually or team up with other people. You are also welcome to enter as many ideas or prototypes as you like.

Employees of the partner organisations of Kent Connects and sponsors, are eligible to submit ideas and prototypes to the competition, but are not eligible to receive any of the cash prizes.

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all visualizations and other contributions you make to this challenge will be covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. This means that any idea you put forward will be attributed to you, but others can use the idea as long as they credit you.

Rapid Prototyping of a Health and Fitness app using Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is a cloud-based platform designed to put people in control of their health data. Microsoft HealthVault helps people collect, store, and share health information with family members and participating healthcare providers. It connects with a variety of third-party applications and devices to help people manage their fitness, diet, and health data. A growing number of Microsoft HealthVault-enabled health and fitness devices are helping more people collect informative health data.

It is an ideal platform to support a developer who wants to respond to the Kent Connects Challenge: “How can the use of technology help people keep fit and stay healthy?”

By integrating your app with Microsoft HealthVault you can enable users to interact with their device data using your app as the interface.

Microsoft HealthVault offers a number of tools that you can use to rapidly build a prototype health and fitness app, whatever your development environment of choice.

We recommend that you look at the range of devices that are available to connect to HealthVault’s “Connection Centre”. For example, A&D NFC Activity Monitor, Fitbit activity monitor. You might want to consider using one or more of these devices as you develop your response to the Challenge.

In order to develop the app, Microsoft provides a number of free resources on the MSDN site with libraries and code samples for all of the major development platforms and phones including .NET, Java, iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android.

Microsoft also provides a reference platform on which you can develop the prototype and test it.