Interactivism Young People's Hack Weekend

How can we use tech to help young people develop their futures?




    YourPosition enables young people to locate places that have current job positions available, these are sent as a notification alert on their mobile device.

    The Thing Tank

    ‘The Thing Tank’ will help young people not in employment, education or training to easily record, collate and present ‘things’ they’ve done.


    MentaPeep is about finding the right people to guide you onto your career path through 1st hand support and advice.

    Incentives for investing in young people through placements

    To promote a sector-wide culture of investing in future employees - young people - and increase opportunities

    Bare Apps

    A mobile phone and web system targeted at young persons in the 16-24 age groups and is designed to be inclusive and to engage a local community with its youth.

    "One click" job applications

    Take the pain out of applying for jobs, free up time for volunteering and upskilling, and find employers the best recruits


    Young people are full of enthusiasm and ideas, and some of theses ideas have the potential to become successful startup businesses.

    Boost motivation & confidence of NEET's by giving them a simple (!) platform to showcase their strengths (whatever they may be). Grow from there.

    The Creative Co-Op

    Finding the people with the skills needed to help realise ideas can be extremely difficult, especially when you lack the necessary network of contacts.

    Augmented Reality app

    Shaun Lou is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is his idea.


    Using Facebook to help young people break down their dreams into everyday manageable steps

    Neet solution

    Our idea is to build a website similar to where two entities are involved: Employer and Young Person/Student/Employee (solver).

    Google app

    Ifeoma Uzoka is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Below is her idea.

    Floating apprentices

    A method for making freelancing in the web industry a viable career path

    5 to 25

    Using online communities and partners to offer young people a group of committed lifelong mentors.

    The Crowd

    The Crowd will be a platform to tap into the untapped agency of NEETS, engage young people and assemble ad-hoc teams to drive change


    When implemented, this will revolutionize the collective growth of students all across the globe. Learning should be interactive, different and entertaining.

    Cloud Gaming as Personal Tutor (C.G.P.T)

    An intelligent learning system on a cloud gaming platform as a personal tutor, with an incremental database of knowledge and experiences.

    Youth Opportunities - The Power of Crowdsourcing

    A Wikipedia esque site in which youth workers and other provision offerers can collectively take ownership of by submitting opportunities.

    Your Nxt Step

    To inspire and inform young people about different employment opportunities through video interviews with people in the workplace available via apps and website

    An accessible education programme that delivers social cohesion and e-learning through work/life skills education.


    Stephanie Josephs is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Below is her idea.

    Valuable internships found easy

    We propose a social search platform for internships, which helps finding paid and valuable learning opportunities easily.

    Tutor Map

    A graphical user interface similar to Google Maps, where every marker advertises an education opportunity (free and paid courses, tutors, etc).


    TraIn is a cascade of training and trainers, assisting young people and NEETs needing to develop soft-skills to be more employable

    Sustainaville - The Game

    Sustainaville is a seriously fun game where players are empowered to play themselves to a sustainable future.

    Seven Questions

    Seven questions is a website where young journalists introduce their peers to job and training or educational opportunities


    A website that helps to create a shared understanding between young people and employers as to what skills are needed in the workplace.

    Personalised web app

    Alina Varnaluta is a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is her idea.

    People-centered local economies

    The term People-Centered Economic Development derives from the work of Carl R Rogers and his advocacy for a person-centered approach to therapy.

    Passion Finder: Network, Collaborate & Get Ahead (Mentoring but not as we know it)

    NOISE Passion Finder is a free online aggregator of existing social platforms, presented with a mix of bespoke input from insiders, celebs and those in the know

    Online Career Counselor

    A website that acts as an online counsellor to help young people get a real picture of their career goals and what they want to achieve.

    Online Ambition website

    Young people are full of enthusiasm and ideas, and some of theses ideas have the potential to become successful startup businesses.

    NEETs Unlimited

    By supporting and mentoring one or more NEETs, charity trustees can break down obstacles preventing young people from acheiving employment, education & training

    NEET - "platform for experience and development"

    We need a platform where people can come together with organisations to exchange information, to enable successful outcomes e.g. work, volunteering, studying

    National Enthusiasm Week (NEW)

    Young people face uncertain times. With the economic storm set to continue we need to rethink what a career means to us and more importantly how we achieve it.

    Mesh - Networks That Empower

    MeshDays offers a unique opportunity for young people to ‘taste’ their potential careers.


    Link-me overcomes rural isolation problems and uses a web-platform that allows rural NEETS to access live webinars on careers topics, and on soft-skills


    Connect 'NEETs' using a technology platform to create new businesses and opportunities rather than depending on others or the government to create employment.

    Let's Work

    To connect 'NEETs' using a technology platform in order to create new businesses and opportunities


    Konnekt aims to help young people 'konnekt' with the right opportunities regarding their aims and plans for the future through people and contacts.

    Job, Qualification, Charity, Volunteering & Interests All in One Place

    Everything a young person needs to plan their future career and steps they need to take to get there, all in one place.

    Job Taster

    Involve big and later medium and small businesses into providing short job taster sessions for young people by allowing them to shadow their employees

    Interactive 'CV' Timeline

    Annie Jackson is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is her idea.

    Hot and cold app

    Aristotelis Mavropoulos is a recent graduate and member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is his idea.

    Google Doodles

    Gemma Dickens is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is her idea.

    Gift a Skill

    Young people who want a career need work experience, but it can be hard to get started. Especially when you have bills to pay...


    Chantal Barcelona is currently a student and a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is her idea. - Feeding Entrepreneurship

    EntrepreneurFinder is a free interactive resource designed around the needs of entrepreneurs, students, skilled individuals, professionals and investors.


    Help young people by giving them the opportunity to create their own solutions to employment problems through starting something themselves.


    For young people with a clear idea of the career path they wish to follow but need insight into the various practical routes that are available to them

    Digital Educational Profile

    Tom Kinnear is a member of The Bigger Idea community. Here is his idea.


    A service that crowdsources the cooking and delivery of food.

    Collabor8 (Working title)

    A place to share ideas, problems, questions, answers and anything else to do with UK education (whether you're in or out of education).


    An online network to share and trade boxes to reduce waste and increase the use of an otherwise often too disposable resource.

    Blastbeat in a Box - with Blastbeat Changemaker and MyPlace

    Blastbeat in a Box creates and gameifies the existing Blastbeat programme and develops an online tool kit, built around the Blastbeat programme.

    Active Enterprise Links

    This idea links students with real world businesses to support their learning and eventually leads to valuable workplace connections.

    "What's Going On?"

    A Shared Calendar of Youth Activities & Jobs, Available via RSS (w/ custom subscriptions by venue, organization, type of event, etc.)

Google’s second Interactivism event was held in London on 17th and 18th February 2012. Google and FutureGov joined forces with the RSA and Livity to deliver Interactivism: Young People’s Hack Weekend. This time, teams were challenged to come up with innovative ways of using the web to help young people get into the job they want, or onto the training or education that will help them get there in the future.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, for us, a hack is an event where computer developers, designers and people with ideas come together to build real, working prototypes (or models) of their ideas in a short amount of time.

Before the hack weekend, the RSA hosted a roundtable discussion with young people and policy influencers to help frame the challenge. This informed a framework document that you can read here. Ideas were submitted here on Simpl and a short list of 10 ideas were selected to be developed during the two day event. The event was held in Ravensbourne, a digital media and design university sector college, and the teams consisted of people with ideas, student developers, Googlers, young people with experience of being out of work and education, designers and social innovators. All of our teams produced some excellent prototypes during the two days and two winning ideas were selected. If you would like to help any of our teams develop their ideas further, please get in touch through the Simpl ideas page.

All information collected for the Interactivism competition will be held by FutureGov, Google and RSA only. All ideas submitted for the competition remain the sole property of the idea originator unless otherwise stated by the idea originator. Idea originators must be prepared to work with Google should their idea be chosen to be given further support following the Interactivism event.