Interactivism Accessibility Hack Weekend

How can we better connect older people and the web?



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    Custom OS and web frontend

    Solutions for older people and people who have not used computers before need to be developed from the ground up.

    Super-user-friendly webmail

    This idea is to develop a more accessible/ user friendly version of a webmail.


    A stronger social system in and around care homes through socialising, personalising and connecting them in to their local communities.

    Why Elderly people and Web Browsers Fail...

    A simplistic approach to web browser UI design to increase Usability whilst not hampering the 'web experience'.

    Granny Google - Interactive Web-based Stories

    A package of stories and materials aimed at encouraging generations to connect together using modern technology in a fun, informative way via the internet.

    Think Act Vote - The Future I Choose

    The Future I Choose is a project brought to you by radical think tank: Think Act Vote (?!X) that brings together citizenship, sustainability, digital, creativity and culture. A space online where how you dream the world and how you see it come together. A place where all people can share inspiration and be inspired.

    Crowdsourced frequency indicator for links

    This idea would involve the use of anonymous metrics from others' browsing histories in order to help guide the user through the site.

    Point and Click Button

    A image based, internet enabled, multi-use remote control using access and Interface metaphor categorisation

    To develop a website that enables older people to find the free care and support services they need in order to improve their quality of life as they age

    Accessify Places

    A mobile platform that makes accessibility information from Go Genie website portable to a mobile phone by app/voice/text.


    A mobile tool that allows your phone to read out text - whether it is signage, directions, newspaper or even a tin of beans.

    Older People's Local Portal

    An online service that helps older people sign up for local services and help around the house from within their community.

    YouTube front end for people with dementia

    People with dementia enjoy reminiscing by watching and interacting with YouTube clips. Need front end to make it easier to use.

    Your Town - Make Friends Change Communities

    Your Town is an open platform for over 60's to get involved in community projects, through both online and offline engagement.-

    Stupidly easy video chat for distant (elderly) family

    Stupidly easy video chat web application devoid of any bells and whistles and with an absolute minimal UI.

    A recipe for access

    An easy access database with a web front end that everyone who is over 50 can have access to, on a simple 4 digit self selected pin basis (or some other mech).

    Retrospective Life Streaming for Elders

    Activists, feminists, social reformers in the 50s+ are often not represented anywhere on the internet and are therefore invisible - I want to change this.


    Easy & clear design & usability. Local stories, projects,events & in-depth interactive background information on history, art, culture with localized viewpoint.

    TrustWeb (working title)

    TrustWeb is a secure portal to facilitate the introduction of the internet to individuals with no/minimal prior experience of using the internet.

    TV Mate

    A simplified remote control using a computer tablet makes it easier so she can watch what she likes.

    Internet directory that improves disabled access

    A dynamic multimedia web directory of goods and services that is accessible to all and improves their access to those services that are advertised on it.

    Mapping for meetups

    A way for social networkers to locate each other offline without compromising anonymity


    A way of sharing reminiscence and making contact with others who have lived through similar experiences, or can share and enhance your recollections

    Family Tree Game

    An online game focused on genealogy, which would give people not only a reason to get online, but also to feel at home there and to keep coming back.

    Google Adaptive profiles

    A real time profile or user interface according to the medical requirement of user. Useful for Old people and people with physical or cognitive disabilities.

    Assistive Technology

    A prototype to make surfing/desktop experience easy for disabled and old aged people.

    New UI experience

    Build or improve a service that allows users to use a search engine service in a simplified way that does not limit users to videos, images, web

    3G Website

    A webbsite to encourage older UK citizens to learn about different levels of Internet and Email skills to keep levels of social isolation to a minimum.

    Quick Emergency Help

    A simple, needed emergency mobile phone app for 3rd or 4th age person in distress.


    A multi-platform easy, user-friendly video/voice/text chat


    Allow people to share their Winter Fuel Allowance with those in their community who may need it more through an online exchange network.

Interactivism - Accessibility Hack Weekend took place in East London on 17th and 18th June 2011. The two day event, run by Google and FutureGov, brought together student developers, Googlers, service users (Gransnet members) and other social innovators to create software prototypes designed to make the internet more accessible for older generations. People were invited to submit their ideas for the Interactivism challenge through Simpl and an impressive 44 ideas were received in two weeks.

If you missed out on Interactivism worry not, you can read about Interactivism and the ideas that were developed by the teams here. Students from the winning team, EZPZ, received a Google Interactivism Award to develop their prototype further over the summer. Google have introduced their Interactivism Award to provide cash to students who want to build software that will do some social good. The deadline to apply for this award is 30th June 2011. Gransnet members also formed a judging panel and voted for Spotted (a combination of On the Go and Accessify Places) as their winning idea.

All information collected for the Interactivism competition will be held by FutureGov and Google only. All ideas submitted for the competition remain the sole property of the idea originator unless otherwise stated by the idea originator. Idea originators must be prepared to work with Google should their idea be chosen to be given further support over the Summer period following the Interactivism event.